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Useful Info for mechanical

Check lists of Major Companies in your city that employ people in good numbers (Or few in some cases) for Mechanical Engineering Jobs (applying to these companies directly can help you find a Job easily, that too with a good company) :

Mechanical Engineer Jobs in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata

Should Mechanical Engineers do SAP training?

Mechanical Engineers from different fields can get into IT by doing SAP training or if their company makes them a part of  SAP implementation by providing relevant training. Lot of people with good experience quit their job in the attraction of getting into IT by doing SAP course. We strictly do not recommend the same. Lot of such people spoil their career as well as the money they spend in doing the training, as lot of times they are not able to find even their first break in SAP. At times after leaving a job of salary of say 8 lakhs P.A they do SAP training and in desperation join a job at 2-3 lakhs P.A in SAP. It takes many years for them to reach to the level of their earlier salary. So be cautious when you take a decision of quiting your job and try to inter into SAP. Do not leave an opportunity if your company is sponsoring the training.


Ideally we recommend people with up to 1-5 years experience to explore options in SAP, but definitely not to people who have already crossed 10 years of experience.


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