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Useful Info for mechanical

Check lists of Major Companies in your city that employ people in good numbers (Or few in some cases) for Mechanical Engineering Jobs (applying to these companies directly can help you find a Job easily, that too with a good company) :

Jobs for Mechanical Engineer in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata

Comparison of Salaries in Mechanical Jobs (Production/ Quality/ Maintenance/ Projects/ R&D)

In the table below we are analyzing a large no. of people who are in the experience range of 4 to 6 years in various Mechanical Engineering Roles

Role Salary Range Percentage of people in this Salary Range
Production Less than 4 Lacs 59.00%
4 lacs & less than 7 lacs 34.00%
7 lacs & above 7.00%
Quality Less than 4 Lacs 51.00%
4 lacs & less than 7 lacs 32.00%
7 lacs & above 16.00%
R&D/ Design/ PR Less than 4 Lacs 33.00%
4 lacs & less than 7 lacs 52.00%
7 lacs & above 15.00%
Maintenance/ Operations Less than 4 Lacs 41.00%
4 lacs & less than 7 lacs 43.00%
7 lacs & above 16.00%
Projects Less than 4 Lacs 30.00%
4 lacs & less than 7 lacs 45.00%
7 lacs & above 25.00%

  1. The above Data is based on Research or Analysis of 1000s of people employed in India
  2. This data is for the people who have taken jobs in the core industry and not shifted there fields to Sales or Software etc.

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