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Useful Info- HR Jobs

Check lists of Major Companies in your city that employ large number (Or few in some cases) of people in HR Jobs (applying to these companies directy can help you find a Job change easily, that too in a good company) :

HR Generalist Jobs in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata etc

Comparison of HR Generalist Jobs Vs Recruitment Jobs

Most of the newly qualified MBA's, prefer a job as HR Generalist. But most of them are unaware as to what kind of profile do we get as an HR Generalist being a Fresher.

As per our experience proper HR Generalist role starts after say 4-6 yrs of experience in the HR field. Various roles like making of HR Policies, Training & Development, Performance Management, Performance Appraisals etc are all very interesting and important, but being a Fresher or say a 2 yrs experience person, one hardly gets an opportunity to work in any of these core and challenging HR roles.

To explain the same we take a role into Performance Appraisal- Do you expect a Company to tell a Fresher that you go out and do Performance Assessment of various people in the organization or to make performance standards or guidelines? - No

As a Fresher you may be told to collect some data from say various branches or departments, which will be helpful for an HR Manager and Senior Management to evaluate the performances and do Appraisals.

Similarly if we take a role of making HR Policies. Do you expect a Company to tell a Fresher or a 2 yr experience person to make HR Policies for the Company - No

This profile is also handled by Highly Experienced HR People and Senior Management.

Again if we take role of a person into Payroll. Payroll is primarily about compiling of various data and preparing salary sheets for disbursement of salaries utilizing the knowledge in the field. You may evaluate this role before you decide your future career.

Now let us understand an administration profile. They manage the facility in various offices or factories, their housekeeping, security, travel bookings, maintaining files of various executives, coordinating with MTNL, courier and other external agencies etc. Kindly evaluate this profile if its a good one for an MBA HR.

Against the general perception of HR Generalist being an high end profile it is actually for Freshers an average profile where they are primarily responsible for Data Management, Excel Reports etc. They may be involved in maintaining data of onboards or Interviews or for some kind of MIS or Payroll or for Data Compilation for say Training needs etc.

Besides, these days lot of HR Generalists are primarily involved in one or the other phase of recruitment or evaluating candidates or their resumes for various kinds of recruitments.

We list hereunder an Example of a profile of an HR Generalist working in a Good Company having 2 years of total Experience (You can yourself see if this is what you consider high end? )

  • Responsible for generating the appoinment letters, confirmation letter, transfer letter, address proof letters etc.
  • Coordinating with the Bank in terms of opening the account and collating the data for Payroll.
  • Updating the database of the new joinees in Peoplesoft tools Fusion 9.1 .
  • Responsible for processing the PAN Card of the new joinees.
  • Taking care of Joining formalities, Background verification.
  • New joinees data validation for Payroll.
  • Maintenance of employee database and updating the records.
  • Maintaining the documents of the entire new employees and maintaining their files.
  • Responsible for maintaining the check list of the new joiners.
  • Fusion seperation, Hire, Job Data Changes, Personal Data Change, Position Data Change & E-Verification Related Activities.

Main HR Generalist profile may start only when a person has been with a company for many years and has gained trust of the Senior Management or if he actually comes from a background of say 5-10 yrs of experience.

Recruitment is probably the only profile wherein a person is involved in a very important aspect of recruiting people for the company, which is an extremely important role for any and every company simply because every company needs to hire good quality people. You may hire a General Manager or a Manager or Software Team required for a Project and in anyway you will contribute by providing the most important resources for the company i.e. "Manpower".  If you as a recruiter are able to perform better than your peers and are able to deliver quality in hiring to your management, you gain importance in very short period of time. So in your initial years of career do not run for words like “HR Generalist” only. Rather look for the profile and do accept it even if it is primarily related to Recruitment. We may consider an “HR Generalist” role as any Job Profile in HR with a company which is not a Recruitment Consultant or a pure recruitment profile. Be sure if you are going for a high an HR Generalist Job or only a  Data Management kind of Job.

The above opinion is of our team of senior experts and some other people may have different opinions. We do not intend to harm or degrade value of any role or profile but just intends to acquaint job seekers with ground realities. We also do not take responsibility for any loss suffered by any person or company due to above information being presented or shared by people in any manner or context what so ever.