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Useful info for Electrical/ Electronics Jobs

Given below are lists of Top Companies in your city that employ good number (few in some cases) of people for Electrical Engineering Jobs (applying to these companies directy would help you find a Job change easily, that too with a major company in your city) :

Electrical Jobs in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata etc

Alternative Jobs for Electrical/ Electronics Engineering (other than R&D/ Maintenance/ QA/ Projects etc).


While good percentage of Electrical/ Electronics Engineers take up jobs in Factories/ Plants  or at Sites in roles like Maintenance, Production, Quality, Design & Development, Projects etc., there are few alternatives given below for people who do not want to work in these roles


IT Software's/ Systems/ Embedded Design: Lot of engineers get into software development or system admin or Embedded Design field as normally, growth and salaries in these fields are quite good especially if, at one stage a person gets into a good company. Some people get into IT after having joined roles of production or quality etc by doing a training in SAP (though we not recommend it as a person may never find his first job in SAP easily).

Telecom: Telecom is a very large sector with some very large companies who are almost always hiring. Growth and salaries are again quite good in this sector and this also offers some very interesting job profiles as well.


Sales & Marketing: If you have good communication skills or good confidence level you may get into the field of sales or business development. In this field if you perform well, growth may be much faster than in say production or maintenance roles. Normally the job profile includes approaching large industries to sell machinery, capital goods or raw materials etc. Be aware that targets in this field may provide frustration and stress at times.


Purchase or Vendor Development: Some Electrical/ Electronics Engineers may take up this field. It involves interaction with people, traveling and negotiations.